2011 Ultra Limited IDS Mess?

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    I have a '11 Ultra Limited w/ 13000+/- miles on it and just had the Rear tire changed due to a nail.I have noticed that when I'm "moving" in 5th gear and I twist the throttle, I hear the engine rev up, but i don't feel anything moving under my seat. What I'm saying is that it feels like the rear wheel is trying to catch up with the transmission speed. My first thought is that the clutch is slipping, but it would do that in all the gears, not just 5th. I have read threads in this forum that the IDS on the rear wheel goes south on the earlier year models of the Ultra's and am putting out a general question to fellow riders of the H-D Ultra's to see if this is my problem or H-D's??
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    As wrenchin said you will notice clutch slip in higher gears first as there is more strain on the system the higher the gear the harder it is for the clutch to transmit all the power
    Check the primary fluid level and adjust the clutch if a less than ideal fluid is used in the primary then clutch slip can occur ensure primary oil is suitable for a wet clutch

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    OKY-Doky Wrenchin, I will start there. I was just addressing the issue of the rear wheel being fitted with new rubber as a possible troubleshooting starting point,because of the IDS having to come apart w/ the axle and all..... But I will adjust the clutch first and then see what happens.THANX :newsmile01:
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    i appreciate the response, I use Redline in the tranny, BUT "SINC3":shock in the primary.
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