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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by eagle1966, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. eagle1966

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    I have a 2011 EG Classic and I am wondering what the effect would be if I did Stage 1 and used SE pro tuner with stock pipes?
    commments or suggestions
    maybe adding different pipes later:unsure
  2. TripleJ

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    Nothing wrong with your idea but I would suggest looking at the TFI Unit by Dobeck. Either the Gen3 or Gen 4 Unit would fit the bill nicely. Easy to install and even easier to make adjustments with.

    Lots of happy members here running the TFI units. Take a look.

    TFI Questions Answered By Dobeck - Harley Davidson Community
  3. dbmg

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    What is the idea in just doing a stage 1 air filter and tuner????? Typically you gain approx 5 hp per air filter mod and 5 hp per exhaust mod. The SE tuner is great for if later you are going to do internal engine upgrades.
    The TFI TFI Tuner From Dobeck Discounted (NEW OFFER) - Harley Davidson Community
    which is considerably less expensive than the super tuner and will give you the satisfaction of adjusting your own settings and not need dealer. Soooo,
    why not a Screaming Eagle Stage 1 air filter upgrade, a TFI, and the money saved from super tuner, purchase some nice sounding mufflers and have at it.:s
  4. Subby

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    On my /09 Ultra I did the SE air cleaner and a V and H Fuelpak but left the mufflers stock. Saw a big increase in the bike's performance and the bike runs a lot cooler. I plan to finish the job with a pair of Klock Werks SS Slipons next spring. So your plan to do the mods in stages is just fine but I too would recommend a fueler rather than a Pro tuner so you can change your own settings when necessary without having to involve the dealer.
  5. eagle1966

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    using the TFI has not effect on warranty?
  6. dbmg

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    Only if you allow the dealer to let it. Usally the dealer will not warrant a problem that is caused from a aftermarket add on. A TFI can not cause any problems.....
  7. Dr. Dolittle

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    They would have to prove that your mod DIRECTLY caused whatever problem you're making a warranty claim for. A TFI simply adds fuel to offset the EPA mandated, factory lean condition these bikes roll off the showroom floor with. I'd like to see them prove that it would cause ANY kind of problem! After all, that's all they're doing when they get you to buy the dealer download or whatever fuel tuner they happen to be pushing that day.