2010 WG won't go into 3rd , sometimes?

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  1. I have a new 2010 Wide Glide that just will not go into third gear about 80% of the time. If I pull the clutch in and try a second or third time , it just goes into fourth gear. I know that third is not blown because I can pik it up sometimes by double clutching.Its really annoying and even embarrising at times. Anyone ever experience this before ?
  2. Well I am most certainly going to do that. I just wanted to contribute to this wonderful FORUM , and see if anyone else has ever heard of this or had this happen them or someone they know. Thankyou for the advise though , and I WILL give a follow up after talking to my local stealer , I mean Dealer .
  3. You Know , That just could be. I'm going to take it out & see.
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    I bought a new pair of boots and that is exactly what happend to me. My new boots were just a bit taller in the toe. I had to move the shift lever up on notch on the shaft. Works fine now.
    Sarge you are wise beyond your years. IT was just what you said . The hiway pegs out in front take a little getting used to especialy with the shifter rite above your tows. I raised the shifter one notch and WA LA , it shifts like greased lighting ! I took it thru the gears getting on the freeway and wound her up in all 6 gears wow what a ride , I was doing 90 in seconds .
    Thanks guys NOW I am PUMPED !

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    Glad you got the shifter lever sorted. One of the things commonly overlooked is the controls adjusted to fit the rider, ergonomically AND for safety reasons. If lever is to close, hit a bump and you could inadvertently hit the gear shift or experience cramps in the shin or calf area. Take a bit of time to make sure the reach to all controls and levers are comfortably. Classic case of one size fits all is adjusting heel and toe shifter to suit...some never adapt and pitch the lever entirely. Your ride and you decide of course...but that is the nature of the man machine interface...