2010 Roadglide Head Gasket Blown

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by bradp, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. bradp

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    Hi Guy's. Got a mate with a 2010 roadglide only a couple of weeks old. Noticed a noise from the motor a week ago and noticed during starting a puff of smoke from the front cylinder. Took the bike to the dealer and they said the head on the front was not torqued at the factory. They said they replaced the head gasket and retorqued. The next trip out after a 30 min drive, she puffed smoke again during startup. Had a look and you could see spark from the head gasket area just under the plug. Limped the bike home and when there head bolts could be removed by hand. Also oil leaking from the base of the front cylinder. The head doesn't seem to want to old her torque. Under warranty but I'm (EDITED). Any ideas why the head bolts won't stay tight. Is this a problem anyone has heard of before and could this have caused any other motor damage.

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  2. Jack Klarich

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    Some times the cylinder studs pull out of the cases this would also cause the head bolts to loosen up. They need to check the heads to be sure they are not warped, but then again the dealer should already know that :D
  3. shovelrider

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    I agree with you Jack well said.
  4. ironmark

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    heads are warped demand a complete top end also this may be the time to do any mods that you want because most of the labor is under waranty .
  5. so cal hoss

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    I'd demand a new bike!!
  6. HDDon

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    Jack is correct. But if the heads were not torqued it appears that the studs were not torqued correctly also. If this is the case damage could have been done to the cylinders and rings and pistons. At the very least I would want the dealer to check the heads for flatness and the base gaskets replaced along with written gurantee that the clyinders and pistons and rings were not effected. I would think with a brand new bike the MOCO would want to replace the engine, as no one can say what else was not done correctly.
  7. bradp

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    Was in to the dealer and was talking to my buddy and Jack was dead on. Pulled the motor apart and studs where pulled out of the base. The dealer put a nut and spacer on and tried to retorque and you could see the stud pull-out of the base along with the threads. They are going to call the MOCO on Monday to request a new crate motor. We'll see how they take care of a loyal customer.
  8. glider

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    My bet is you will get a replacement motor. The dealer isn't going to take on the responsibility of a repair to the case like this.
  9. Jack Klarich

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    The MOCO should have no problem replacing the motor, they have seen this problem before Best of luck to you and let us know how it goes:s

    HOLY DIVER Junior Member

    is this a problem more comely seen in 96 motors or is it a issue with the 88 also