2010 RK trans oil leak

Discussion in 'Transmission' started by jpaul, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. jpaul

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    The 2 bolts that hold the exhaust bacrket and go through to the trans came loose and caused an oil leak. I first noticed the leak by smell and finally followed the smoke. There are other threads about this problem. I was able to tighten them with a 1/4 inch bit extension and a long 1/4 inch box wrench from Sears. My question is, if the bolts come loose again, can I take them out to apply thread lock without losing my tranny fluid, or should I drain the tranny first?
  2. Jack Klarich

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    You will loose some fluid, 1 bolt at a time and you should be OK
  3. fin_676

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    There have been a few instances of these 2 bolts coming loose or going missing reported on the forum recently and as such it may expand into a common problem so a wee bit of thread lock may be the answer but 1 bolt at a time and there shouldn't be any leakage however it may be wise to do some routine checking of the bolts now you know about them