2010 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Lo

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by PEKAY, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. PEKAY

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    I thought the 2010 Fat Boy Lo was pretty cool. Kinda of a new addition to the "Dark" series bikes. I only wish they'd gone the rest of the way and blacked the primary cover etc. as well. For my taste those ugly pipes would have to go replaced by some Vance & Hines Big Shot Staggered, a blacked out Heavy Breather and SERT, and since I ride solo maybe a Brawler seat or similar. Unfortunately making the changes that would please me would put the total investment too insane. MOCO did grab my attention with that bike though. What's the saying? "Close....But No Cigar."
  2. mqhybrid

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    Harley had to do somthing different because they droped the night trian soft tail. the fatboy has some nice points some not so nice. i would have to agree
  3. bwalsh22

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    Your points are the reason they make them that way...Harley tax. Although if you can live with it, without all those changes at first, they hit and just keep your money coming in each year.

    I really like the look of it, can't wait to see one in the dealer.
  4. hhholly

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    I'm with you... they should have blacked out the entire engine!
  5. sniper

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    Well, I agree with you all in here. I was sold the second I saw it on line. This will be my first Harley, and have recently just returned from overseas duty. My order is in, but im on the wait for the build. Im hoping its everything I imagine it is, and it rides strong.

    Any advise for a newbie is appreciated !!
    Thanks and God bless the USA.
  6. Sheepdogmarine

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    I saw one at the dealer and it looks pretty good. The satin aluminum instead of chrome really gives it a good look.

    I think the "Harley Tax" is right on. How many bone stock bikes do you really see? They know we are going to change things.

    Sniper, if you love it online, wait till you see it in person. It looks even better.