2010 FLHTK Stage II Set-up Opinion/Advice

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by TK_11, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. TK_11

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    Greetings All. I've Been doing quite a bit a research here recently and I'm quite impressed with the knowledge of the members of this site. Since there are quite of few of you I think I can trust, I would like some last minute opinions on the Stage II set-up I've choosen for my new 2010 FLHTK before I take my bike in tomorrow or Friday. Work being done by Eastern Performance.

    Vance and Hines Power Duals
    Vance and Hines Monster Ovals (Chrome)
    Thunder Max EFI w/Auto Tune
    Arlen Ness Big Sucker A/C
    Red Shift 575 Cams

    Was up at the Gettysburg Bike Rally this past Sunday and saw quite a few simular set-ups (Pipes & A/C) and the sound was just what I'm looking for. Was unsure about the cams, but have decided to go that route as well now, saving a few bucks on the install.

    Anyone have this set-up and are there any issues that I might need to be aware of? Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.


  2. JDPEagle

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    As you know, I have the V&H Power Duals and Monster Ovals. I have a Power Commander V and a K&N A/C (not a huge fan of the Arlen Ness Big sucker and its looks - wanted to keep the stock A/C cover).

    I couldn't justify new cams with the current 103 set-up (looked into the 255s). I haven't seen any dyno sheets that make it seem practical ($ per horsepower) after adding the Power Commander, True Duals, and A/C.

    Let us know how it turns out!
  3. glider

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    Been a few problems with the big sucker with cracking mounts on the unit.
  4. TK_11

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    Thanks JDP and Glider. I brought that point up to the tech this morning when I dropped off the bike. He assured me if there was any issue they would fix it any way that made me happy, to include going with another A/C setup. Get it back tomorrow, can't wait. Pics will be coming soon.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    That May have been MINE... I put the Big sucker on one of my bikes. A 2006 sporty(new bike)..

    Can't remember how many miles i put on the bike Before I noticed Problems... First off, Two of the Long 3 bolts holding the alum back-plate to the carb broke right at the carb...
    These being the special 3 bolts that have a long shoulder then the 1/4 x 20 stud ends "into" the bolt... making it a long Big shouldered bolt...(stock ness)

    I didn't like this style of bolt That Came with the setup as I thought it would wear out the carb alum threads "in-out" many times for the cleaning of the air-filter.

    I took their bolt apart and Made Studs 1/4x20 7/8" long total, and inserted them (red) into the carb... Much Better set-up.. Using their long shoulder(tap 1/4 20) as the NUT

    ((the problem))
    Later, when re cleaning the air filter, IS WHEN I found another problem.

    The bottom Two bolts holes ON-IN backing Plate,,,, busted out right at-on the alum housing .... Washer sized break-outs... This proved to me that :: nesess' alum housing is WAY too thin in that area... I Called them BUT they said due to the fact that it was on a sporty and a lot of vibration and a year old...

    I went to another company and Just Bought another new Ness unit and kept my Modified bolts that worked better then their original design ones.. I didn't feel that the bolts coming loose (breaking off) had any thing to do with the breakage of the alum housing .. As that breakage happened many Months later.....

    I RE-bought the ness THINKING that it (#1) was "Just a Casting Flaw", BUT the new one came Just as thick (THIN) as the first one...

    I am knowledgeable IN THIS field and do believe the casting is Too Thin in this area of the ness product and would not and DID NOT put one on my New FLHR even though I Like their BIG air filter...

    No problems from the 2ond one I put on the sporty "YET" but I don't ride the sporty as much Now as I did while it was the "Only bike for the road" while down in Az.

    I would end this by saying BUYER Beware!

  6. TK_11

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    Thanks Bubbie for some very good gouge on this product. Even though we didn't pull everything out of the box, I did see the backing plate and it looked solid and least 1/2 inch thick, if not more. Could they have fixed this flaw recently? I'll definately take these notes and verify again tomorrow when I pick it up. As for being aware, I'm trying...believe me. Thanks again.
  7. reidsworks

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    So how did you like the monster ovals and power duals? I am looking to install the whole lineup including monster ovals, power duals, Drak AC and SER tuner