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    So there dealer here in Calgary, Alberta had the 2010's bikes for demo day and the Street Glide and Road Glide did not look like the ones on the web sit other then the two into one exhaust. They had tail lights and looked like 2009. wonder if there is canadian law thats causing the change from the web sit to the one i saw

    One other thing I would like to say that they also finaly released the prices on the 2010's and I am glad I bought mine in 2009 because they raised the price on them by $3000. Wow is Harley hurting trying to recoop 27000 for a Street Glide (((wow)))
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    I was also amazed by some of the prices of the 2010 bikes. That is why I amgoing to get a 2009 that is still in stock here at the local Harley dealer.