2010 1/2 SE Ultra classic

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by cambre04, Jul 4, 2010.

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    I just saw the SE Ultra classic that is Crimson mist black/dark slate color, that is 658ish of 999. This to my opinion, is one fine Harley. It was all blacked out, with so many accessaries to mention. This dealer wanted $42,000. for it. Too much for my wallet...MSRP is $36,500. Just saying...sharp bike!!!!
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    Another dealer that thinks the good old days of selling above MSRP are still here. If you are looking to buy a CVO, I would find another dealer and give that one a permanent place in your rear-view mirror.

    It is hard to believe but the MOCO actually has a designation of "MSRP Dealership". That is a dealer that will sell you a bike at MSRP. I'm sorry, what?

    If you draw a 50 mile circle around my house, we have four dealerships inside the circle. I was at one the other day and asked one of the salesmen the price of a bike that caught my eye. He proudly stated that they were a "MSRP Dealership", to which I replied "Say What?"

    I had never heard the term used before and to proudly state it seemed absurd to me. That is like saying "We have decided to no longer take advantage of our customers".

    I understand supply and demand and for a period of time the demand was much higher than the supply and many, many dealers took full advantage of it; justifying the price by stating that it was a "custom" (Translated, "It has 20 bucks worth of chrome mirrors on it).

    One thing I did notice about this "MSRP Dealership" was that they had more staff than customers and this on a day they were running a big promotion - Not deals on the bikes, but they had a DJ and you could buy food and drinks. Whoopii.

    Our other three dealers are obviously not "MSRP Dealerships" since they are not only selling below MSRP, they are offering incentives like "Dollar Menu" where you get a custom paint set for a buck or Stage I and slip ons.

    Please excuse my rant - but I wasn't real happy with them in "The good old days" and I'm not much happier with them now. "MSRP Dealership" Give me a break.