2009 Ultra Harman Karden GPS

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    Does/has anyone had any experience with the HK GPS?

    The GPS does not appear to be working appropriately. Literature says after storing a destination using the appropriate disc, the disc can then be removed - when I remove the disc it responds with a message to insert disc appropriate for the destination.

    I live in a "border" state (Illinois) wherein the traveling I do requires often and multiple disc changes - a real pain. So far I've got at least a dozen addresses that the softwear doesn't recognize. It's recognized/taken at least 20 addresses - put into memory storage, but it appears that the only storage is the name of the place stored. When selecting it from memory the GPS asks for the appropriate disc to be inserted - another pain. No matter where I am, if I want to be directed home it asks for a specific disc to be inserted before it'll direct me home. I have a Garmin I use in my truck. I've lost track of the number of stored destinations I've put in it, but wherever I am, when I choose a destination it directes me there and doesn't have/use/require any discs. I'm able to update it (done once in 6 years) by connecting the GPS to a USB connection on my computer, going to the Garmin site via Internet, selecting the appropriate model GPS map update, then clicking on the update map for a no cost download. Use of this Garmin has been totally satisfying, while trying to use this Harman Karden is nothing but trouble.
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    I was planning to get one but it looks like it will have to be a non hd one. A shame because I love to have everyting intergrated.