2009 Ultra Classic Passenger Backrest

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by no1uknow, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. no1uknow

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    Well I'm a Fatboy rider thinking of buying a UC...

    My wife and I went down to our HD dealer and sat on a UC.
    She said it felt like she way laying to far back in an angle... So much so she felt very uncomfortable...

    She's 5'3, and said her feet were also to high, making her knees higher... She thought on a long trip it would be uncomfortable...
    My daughter sat on the bike as well and she said the same thing...

    Is the passenger backrest adjustable?

    And honestly it threw me as well...
    My fatboy has a better fit for me...
    The handle bars seemed lower... I can get use to anything... But totally didn't expect it cause all my friends talk about their's and they look so comfortable....

    Maybe it was just the bike we sat on, it was a 110 model I wanted to go big...
  2. mnultra

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    I know the tour pack is adjustable front to rear and they usually are set up in the most rearward position. The passenger foot boards are also adjustable up and down. There is probably someone else out here that knows of other adjustments but I'm just getting to know my Ultra as I hope for warmer weather to melt the snow :newsmile08:
  3. glider

    glider Veteran Member

    The riders boards are adjustable also.
  4. bulletbob

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    My wife and I went from a '05 deluxe to a '08 EG classic. It took a couple of rides to get used to it. In the long run, if you do any long rides, you both will love the ultra.
  5. Dr. Dolittle

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    The "110 model" refers to the engine size. Everything else should be the same as any other Ultra. As previously mentioned, many items are adjustable and sales person should have pointed that out to you. As you already said, any time you switch bikes there is an adjustment period, even within models in the same family. It's amazing how a small difference in handlebars or seat position can totally change the feel of a bike.
  6. joel

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    Go back to the dealer and have them make the adjustments to fit you and the wife. The Ultra is really a great ride, for us, like sitting on one of the best OE seats there is, We go for about 100 miles between breaks, mainly becouse trips averag 1200-1500 miles, 2-4 days, always feel like we could go further. Good luck.
  7. Mattman4403

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    Without looking, I would guess your wife might not be all the way back in the seat. The boards actually ave three positions and are usually set in the middle set from the factory but at 5'3" i am suprised she is saying they are too high. Anyway, there is some adjustment in the trunk which will move the back rest up.
  8. The4opps1

    The4opps1 Junior Member

    I agree with the suggestion to have the dealer make some adjustments in the passenger boards and the backrest. My wife is 5'5" and while she's not an avid motorcyclist, she often comments on the comfort of my Ultra. As for me, it is a "Cadillac", the most comfortable motorcycle that I have ever owned. I routinely put 125 miles on her without a break. If you go the Ultra route, I don't think you will be disappointed.
  9. walleye

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    My wife and I love everything about our Ultra. She and I are both 5'9" tall. Only regret is not getting one sooner.:s
  10. lannyw

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    My wife is 5'2" on our 08 UC backrest is all the way back and the floorboards are on the highest setting. She has been known to fall asleep back there. As Joel stated the OE seat is one of the most comfortable we ever rode on.