2009 Streetglide Front End Noise and Heat Shield

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by oiler, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. oiler

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    Well, I love the bike but there a couple of issues with mine. When I am cruising right at 50 mph I here a howling sound coming from the front end. I also feel it in the grips. If I stay just below or above 50, it disappears. It is not drive train related. It does it in any gear and when pulling in the clutch it is still there. Had the tech check the front wheel bearing and it's OK. He says that it is the new tread design on the tire. He has noticed it on other 09 baggers. He says it may go away as the tire wears. I guess that makes sense. Also, has anyone noticed the dimples on the heat shield covering both front and rear pipes. They are from the tac welds that hold the brackets on the inside. Every new bagger I have seen has them, some more severe than others. The dealer is going to call Harley to see if this heat shield problem will be addressed. Other than that the bike is great so far.
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    The dimples are a common thing, My 07 has them too. As far as the noise, I believe the mechanic is right about the tread of the tire.