2009 Street Glide shocks??

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by tomjetty, Aug 24, 2010.

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    I looked around for info in the self help & various threads, but could not find anything that helped me.

    I have an 09 CVO Street Glide that rides hard as heck. My sportster rides better then my Road King - now that's bad!! I have tried a wide range of shock pressure without finding anything that is acceptable. I decided that I needed to accept it as it was. Then I took a ride from NYC to New Orleans. It's not acceptable. It needs to change.

    I bought the bike expecting that nothing needed improvement. Ha Ha Ha! The windshield was a joke and I realized that after 1/2 mile, the seat is hard and the bars are short. All that aside It's a powerful bike that rides as if it has no shocks at all. If I wanted a retro hard tail I would have bought one.

    I'm looking for information on how to change the ride without going for my lungs. Any ideas, hints or information would be greatly appricated
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    Keep in mind the street glide is lowered by approx 1". When comparing to the Electra Glides, rear shocks travel is 3", front travel is 4.6". So to say the Street Glide has a rough ride is correct. The springs need to be very stiff to not allow bottoming out. So maybe a pair of rear shocks from a Electra Glide to start with and then maybe change fork springs. You could also try a Electra Glide seat also. I suspect the proper air pressure is in shocks and tires are correct.
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    i have a 2009 street glide as well i feel the same on the shocks rear in paticular anybody who has changed theirs info would be appreciated i only want to make one purchase
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    Changed my 08 up to Electra Glide standard shocks,much better!
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    I have a Harley Sundowner seat that only been on my 09 SG twice, excellent shape also the midheight back rest that will help with the ride if your interested. can make you a great deal. As far as shocks go iceman got it right, try progressive.