2009 Street bob picking it this Saturday

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by hoop, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. hoop

    hoop Member

    Does everybody that owns a street bob like it?Tell me the Pros &cons Thanks
  2. bwalsh22

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    Have an 06, my first bike, absolutely love it. My only negative to it, is that I have a hard time finding parts for it, since they changed the engine and a bunch of things in 07, so most of the parts are for 07 and up.

    Other than that, it is a great bike. I have the stock seat, which is fairly comfortable for a hour ride, so looking to upgrade that. You'll love it, just be sure to post some pics once you get it. Any more detail on your Bob, color, options, wheels...

    Congrats on the new Scoot! Ride it and enjoy!
  3. hoop

    hoop Member

    Thanks for the info I welcome more.
  4. whiterider

    whiterider Active Member

    Love my '07. Fun to ride hard!

    Had an '07 Springer Classic - nice bike for when I'm 60!
  5. Zeke2009

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    I have 430 miles on my 09 which is denim black. Not sure if my opinion is very valuable as I have only been riding about 3 months and the first 2 I was on a 2001 shadow before I bought the bike I really wanted. With that, when I have time to ride...you can guess which one I choose to take out. The bottom line to me is...it feels right. I fit comfortably on it and I like the look. It came down to the street bob or low rider for me and I am happy with my decision.
  6. ugocon

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    Well, this is my first post after months of absence....
    On Dec 1st, the day of my 50th birthday, I had an accident with my scooter! :(
    Three broken ribs, bruises everywhere, a long recovery: I went back to work in mid January!

    Obvously, I paused riding with my brand new Street Bob 09 (traded in November from a Sporstster XL1200R).

    I've restarted riding recently and so far I have 800 kms on my odometer, the threshold for being able to push the bike to its limits!:p

    I can say that there's no match between a Sportster and a Dyna: the Street Bob is a great bike and I love it!

    Hope to post some pictures soon.... but here in Rome its raining all the time! :yeahright

    Go with this bike, you'll enjoy it!:p

  7. Phantomrider

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    I have an 08 bob. Ride mostly to work and back (20 miles) with longer trips on weekends. More than satisfied with it. Nimble, powerful, comfortable, and the price was right. IMO you've made an excellent choice.