2009 Screaming Eagle 4" Touring Mufflers

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by tgriesel, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. tgriesel

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    Anyone actually tried these new 4" mufflers? If so, what do you think? I want something on the quiet side for touring but still want Stage 1 performance.

    Screamin' Eagle® Street Performance Touring Mufflers


    IN-STORE PURCHASE ONLY Contact dealer for pricing and availability.

    Fits 50-state '09 Touring models (except FLHTCUSE and FLTRSE). Installation requires separate purchase of Muffler Clamps P/N 65283-94 (Qty. 2). Requires separate purchase of two End Caps.

    MSRP US $389.95
  2. Sharky1948

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    Haven't heard those, but you might like the V&H Monster Oval slip ons. Nice and rumbly, great performance, not too loud. (Sound bites elsewhere on the board.)
  3. escorial

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    Quiet, hair louder than stock but HD claimes better flow. As I'm getting older the noise stuff is no longer of interest to myself especially if you like to ride distances.

    Better slide by a large dealer and see if any bikes are there with those mufflers. Or try Ebay and just get a set off a late CVO as they probably are the same sounding and will save you lots of $$. Some of those are CAT mufflers so ask the seller.

    I wanted to get the SE 08 models than ended with 7a which I suspect are just about the same mufflers. My dealer would not even order them for me nor would stock them as he had too many complaints because they were so quiet (about the same as stock) the only reason I was interested was that I loved the look of the 4" SE with the fishtale ends.

    But the dealer told me flat out those have been discontinued, I also tried a few other dealers for the fishtales and i was told that they were on back order which they kept on backordering.

    The V&H monster ovals are also pretty loud, so are the regualr ovals and those make a weird tinny sound. Also I jad the Rinehart True Duals on my 03 SERK w/quiet baffels (quiet baffles are a joke) those puppies made you go mad after a couple of hours on the road.

    It all depends on what you want noise wise, Jamie at Fuelmoto has a nice selection of Rush mufflers and others you might want to check out. As far as the new 07> SE mufflers they are quiet but who knows you might like them.

    I'm familiar up to 08 but belive that the 09 mufflers mount the same way so you may want to double check fitment.

    Some ebay samples
    eBay Motors: HARLEY TOURING SCREAMIN' EAGLE MUFFLERS W/ BILLET CAPS (item 200279124898 end time Nov-29-08 10:07:10 PST)

    eBay Motors: HARLEY-DAVIDSON MUFFLERS W/CAPS-08 SCREAMIN EAGLE ULTRA (item 260317794975 end time Nov-27-08 20:36:50 PST)

    eBay Motors: Harley Davidson FLH CVO Screamin' Eagle Exhaust Muffler (item 370118806101 end time Nov-30-08 19:02:07 PST)

  4. glider

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    Check the SE mufflers before buying the. The CVO mufflers usually have catalytic converters in them.
  5. tgriesel

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    The new SE 4" mufflers do not have cats. I'm actually OK with the sound level of the stock mufflers. (They have a totally different design on right and left sides. Right is a baffle, left is straight thru.) A little louder/rumble is OK, I just don't want to end up too loud. I often take my bike to work early in the morning and don't want to(edit) off the neighbors. Also, I live at the top of a hill so it's under load the whole way up and that's when alot of pipes really sound off. The folks at Cyclerama in FL line the new 3.5" Khrome Werks Touring mufflers. They dyno alot of pipes and said these are only 2 db higher & produce decent power gains. I just want to get the most out of Stage 1 with the SE air box, K&N and TFI otherwise I would keep the stock mufflers.
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  6. R. Lewis

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    Are you going to lose back pressure with this set-up???
  7. tgriesel

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    Thanks Smitty. Black end caps on my black SG, that's bad!! :D

    I have some free dyno time I'll get to use to set up the TFI. I know everyone says it's not necessary but, if it's free it's for me. I'll report back with the numbers and settings when it's all done.
  8. ww1flyingace

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    I tried them on my 07. They sound better than the stock mufflers, not as "tinny" and "farty" sounding. Only slightly louder than stock.

    If you want a slightly (10 percent maybe) louder muffler than stock, with a little better tone to it, you would like them.

    They were too quiet for my tastes, went with monster ovals on my 09.

    RICARDO Member


    I have a pair of Screamin' Eagle® Street Performance Slip-On Mufflers - One Piece - Slash Down REF. 80721-09 on my 2009 SG & I love the look of those but sometimes I wish it could be a bit Louder !

    Does anyone knows if we can change the Baffles on '09 SE ?

    I'm trying to check with Big Thunder Cycles for Baffles & if they would have a solution for this reference of '09 SE !

    Does anyone can tell me more about it ?


  10. flhrrider

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    I bought a set off an '08 screaming eagle originally sold in Iowa. They're stamped EPA 80db and catalytic. I put them on my '08 96" road king with O2 IED's. Stock air cleaner. Very noticeable improvement in throttle response. No louder than stock. I saw a set on the dealer's wall for an '09. They had stampings on them for the EPA 80db but I didn't notice the word catalytic.