2009 road king classic

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  1. Any reviews, impressions, gossip? just ordered one and cant wait to hear from others views and feedback... will have her in 3 weeks!!:small3d026:
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    Ummm..... you just ordered one and NOW you want feedback and reviews? Backwards if you ask me. Luckily the Road King is one of Harley's best bikes!
  3. Actually i did quite a bit of research before...what i would like is feedback from people who have already received it, and tell me if performs as advertised
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    Well I started with the sportster, then soft tail std, now roadking custom, if you are as happy with your bike as I am with mine, you will be a happy lad.
  5. Totally true... Ive been riding bikes since i was 17, now at 50 and after a looong biking break of 20 years, im back in the saddle with the 2003 RKC Anniversary... You just cant wipe that grin off my face every time i even LOOK at her, much less ride her !!:D
    With all the accessories she has, plus the SE Pipes, i HATE to let her go in favor of the new one, so i guess ill end up keeping her...! What the heck !! Even the Mrs. got attached to her...but i suspect only because the bike is Black, and it matches her Leather wear!!!!!:bigsmiley25:

    So im SURE the new baby will be just as good or even better, thats why it would be nice to hear from those who happen to have gotten theirs before me!

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    I purchased my Road king Classic. I took delivery October 31, 2009. I am so excited riding it. It is my first bike. I am 66 years old and decided it was time to take a step out and take on an adventure I always wanted to make. Crazy I guess. I already have it in the shop having it painted and all kinds of goody's put on her. I bought it loaded to begin with, CFR pipes stage one set up, chromed to the gunnals just beautiful to look at. It's Black presently having some graffic work on it. I would welcome any input you guy's may have on things in the future i my like to do. Love the name of the model Road King. After riding it already almost 2k miles since getting it I can see why it's called the road king.
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    Can the Mrs. pilot your '03? If not maybe a Reach seat and a little MSF might allow you to "share the love" just a bit...might like get you both riding even more!