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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by JDPEagle, Jan 26, 2009.

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    I have been "bitten" by the "tweak-n-mod" bug that appears to thrive in the cooler winter months.

    I managed to find a set of un-used Screamin' Eagle II slip-ons (the pre-'06 model - H-D part no. 80293-99A). I also ordered a Stage 1 SE air kit, and (after reading this board extensively) a TFi fuel tuner.

    The question that I pose is this... is there any reason that the SEII slip-ons would not work on the '09 Dyna? I do not plan to get the Stage 1 download from the dealership, as I would like to return the bike to complete stock (if ever necessary) by simply removing these three components. Any reason that my plan would result in an "incomplete" or "insufficient" stage 1? It is my understanding that the only alteration provided by the ECM download is a slight fuel enrichment (to maintain the already lean condition) and an increase in the rev limit. Timing is not an issue here, is it?

    Thanks to all of you for your posts over the years. This is my first, but I have been reading up quite a bit. I'm a HUGE user and fan of the help section (Thank you, Glider!)
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    I have heard not to use the 06 pipes on 07 and later bikes.. i dont remeber why but i bet glider can tell us ... Im sure it has something to do with the switch to the 96
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    What your are doing would be fine. The SEIIs will work. Your only concern is proper tuning with your new tuner. The TFI has to be manually tuned since it doesn't accept canned maps. The only correct way to tune it is on a Dyno. You may be able to get it close enough for use by tuning it manually and adjusting the pots.

    When I first got my bike, I got a similar tuner. The more I learned, the less confident I became in my ability to tune it correctly. I bought a PC-III and used it instead.

    XIEDs are another cheap way of richening up the air/fuel mixture and may offer better results than a unit using manually adjustable pots.

    Good luck!
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  4. glider

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    If I read your question correctly aside from fitment itself on the 09 bike the mufflers should do the job. The 09 bikes had many changes but if they fit and bolt up they should work. They are the older (noisy) mufflers so restriction shouldn't be a problem with the 96 engine.
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    Thanks for the feedback guys. Just to clarify a little, I sought out the SEII slip-ons because of several reviews and postings that I read both here and on other forums. I don't like the sound of the new SE slip-ons due to their EPA cowering adjustments. It seems as though the popular consensus has been that the SEII slip-ons (manufactured prior to 2006) were good sounding mufflers.

    Also, it was my understanding, after reading numerous threads, that the TFi did not require a dyno tuning. I have tuned carburetors, and feel I have a good understanding of pot adjustment. If the comparison between the two is accurate, I shouldn’t have any problem there. I’d rather have a little more control like this rather than simply uploading a map. After all, I could simply do that with the Stage 1 ECM download (additionally, with my military discount on the TFi, it cost less!). I understand the abilities of the PC, as I used to have one on my Suzuki SV650. I just have no desire to tune/modify timing and/or rev limits on the Dyna. I just want to "address" the issues which the mechanically deficient EPA dictated to the MoCo. :bigsmiley19:

    All of this aside, my real goal was to be able to remove these three parts in order to have the bike back to its original stock configuration (with no changes to the ECM). Since I have 19 months of factory warranty remaining, I see this as a safer method to avoid claim disputes down the proverbial road. I have had enough issues in my lifetime with automotive/motorcycle dealers and their service departments. I simply don’t trust them as much as I trust myself.

    Thanks again for all of your feedback!

    PS: UPS tracking says my slip-ons and Stage 1 SE Air Kit are "Out for Delivery"…. Woohoo! :D
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    I had the older style SE slipons on 2 bikes, they do have a bark to them. The TFI will do exactly what you are looking to do should you want to return the bike to stock.
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    You mentioned that you have read the stuff on the site with respect to the TFI. To correct some misconceptions of some of the other folks that may be reading along, see here. Good little video by "George" showing installation and tuning on an '05.

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