2009 FLHX range?

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    :cheers Ok, I know the answer probably is buried in a previous thread somewhere, but here goes: What is the maximum amount of gas you ever put
    in your tank? Also, how much is it susposed to hold?
    My 2009 Street Glide "Capacity = 6 gallons." Using the range setting on the odometer, I've run the tank down to "Lo", less than 10 miles left, a couple times, and never put in more than 5.245 gallons.
    Does this mean I have 3/4 gallon of range left, or is it wasted capacity?
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    The true capacity is diminished by the pump/filter and other things in the tank.
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    lol... i was wondering the same thing. thnx Glider.
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    I had the same exact question on 2009 FXDL. Book said tank capacity is 4.8 gallons. Ran it to "LO" on the display and could only put in 3.8 gallons. Just had to know what was going on. So I did a drain procedure and measured capacity to brim & this is what I found..

    The Stated manual capacity is 4.8
    Drain to bone empty and refill. Capacity was 4.8.
    When "Lo" light came on,, I could only pump in 3.8,, but there still was 1 gallon left in tank.
    Pickup on pump does have the placement and ability to REACH entire 4.8 gallons.
    Bottom line is my float arm needs adjustment. Saving to do it at fuel filter change.

    These were the numbers I found on my bike. Don't know if you would see the same on yours.
    There are a couple of good past threads about this capacity issue.