2009 FLHTCU RearBreak light problem...

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Kno Harley, Aug 2, 2011.

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    Hello all, My FLHTCU has a rear break light problem. I turn the ignition switch on and when I applied the rear brake pedal, the light works momentarily and then turns off by itself and will not light up after that. Seems as if it is tripping something or other. The front break lever works fine, is only with the rear break pedal that this problem continues. I let the bike alone for a few minutes try the same thing again and the rear break light works only momentarily and turns off again. I am going crazy trying to figure out this one and with upcoming state inspection it is really bothering me. Any help, suggestions, will be greatly appreciate it. Thanks Luis:(
  2. glider

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    If the front works fine, then I would check the rear brake pressure switch to see if it is operational.You can use a test light after the initial light on when it doesn't work again and check the in and out on the switch for power in the operated mode. With the brake pedal at rest, you should only have power on one side using the light and with it operated you should see power on both sides if it's operating.
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