2009 Classic neutral light staying on

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by bcfromgalion, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. bcfromgalion

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    I have read some similar posts about the neutral light, but on older models. Read about a service bulletin back in 07 that was supposed to correct this. Didn't think I would experience it on a 09 model. Perhaps I am concerned over something that I can get addressed on warranty but just in case not; here is my situation. Took a ride tonight and at some point the neutral light came on and stayed. I stopped at a local bike nite and when I left the light was still on. Shortly the security light also came on. Rode about 20 miles to next bike nite and along the way the neutral light would flicker, dim and once in a while go out for a few seconds. When the neutral light went out, a few seconds later the security light would also go out but then when the neutral light came on a few minutes later the security light came back on. I also notice when I shift into 6th. gear, I no longer have the 6th. indicator light illuminating. My cruise control does not engage as long as this all is going on either.
    When I turn the ignition on, the security light comes on for about 5 seconds, goes out for about 5 seconds and then comes back on and stays. I assume this means that I now have a DTC code set? Any ideas?
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    Take it in to the dealer and let them fix it under warranty, that's what warrantys for.
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    I agree with Chopper on this one. There's more than one light coming on so it may be a bit more than the neutral switch itself. There were a lot of revisions to the neutral switch and I had changed 3 of them on my 07 in a short period of time starting just after the purchase. Dealers usually stock a few of them which tells me there was more of a problem than they want to admit.
    It seems like water can infiltrate the switch and then the trouble starts. My "cure" finally was to get the frog mouth cover that goes over the switch and adds some chrome too and never had another problem with the switch after that.

  4. bcfromgalion

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    Thanks guys. Guess I'll contact my service dept. and see if I can get in. Wouldn't you know that the problems have to show up on the start of a long weekend!
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    My 09 Ulrta was doing the exact same thing.Dealer said it was the switch but they didn't have one in stock.When I left the dealer my engine started to surge up and down also,so I returned to the dealer and they took another look at things.They ended up "flashing" the ECM and that seemed to solve all the problems.They still want to change the switch but I think I will just leave things as they are since everything works fine now.