2008 Throttle control


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I think this is called "fly by wire" or something like that. The no throttle cable thing.

I have heard that there are some "major" issues with this. Has anyone else heard this?

If you have a 2008 model, have you had any problems?

I have an 08 ultra due in within about the next 10 days. I certainly don't want to get stranded by something like this. Before I chuck out this kind of dough, should I look for an 07'?

Or am I just acting like a female and worriying too much?
(No disrepect to the ladies!)
I haven't seen any significant post activity at forums noting this is an issue. Fly by wire is a tested technology available on sportbikes for years. My guess is H-D has been able to adopt and apply this technology well, without any problems.
Thanks for the feedback.

I tend to worry about this as my last 2 bikes saw alot of shop time. I don't want that to happen again, but I can't let that stop me from buying another bikenow, can I!
Get your bike and enjoy it! Your not going to have a problem with the electronic throttle. I have used an electronic throttle on my sports racer for many years without a problem. Heck, Formula One racers use electronic throttle and it is the premiere racing series. If they were not reliable no team would use them. You are going to really enjoy your ride and don't worry about the throttle!!!

Boeing and Airbus use it a lot too!
A lot of the recent auto models have the fly-by-wire also. I frequent a lot of different HD type forums, and havn't seen any real issues with this feature yet. There are tons of people who just know there WILL be problems with it, but they are the same people who believe EFI is the work of the devil.
I'm one of those believers that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. There are a few more components to the drive by wire system that can cause a problem than there were with the older cable drive in past years.

The newer systems have a limp home mode that I believe runs at 1300 RPM's to get you home if and when the system conks out. From what I have gathered also that when you whack the throttle open with the drive by wire that it doesn't respond as well as the cable drive systems to minimize the shock load on the drive train.

Given the skill levels of the dealer techs for the most part, I wouldn't want to run into a problem with the drive by wire on the newer bikes.

The drive by wire system has been used in the auto industry for many years now, still new to harley thou.

I'll take my chances with the cables.
Fact is if you want a new HD bike Welcome to "Fly by wire". So far so good on my 08 Ultra but it's still new.