2008 Sporty battery dying, has a short

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by nrbrjb, Oct 28, 2010.

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    can somebody tell me what items run off of the battery fuse. i checked for a short and the drain in the system is coming from the fuse labeled battery.i dont have a wiring diagram yet to see what feeds off of this fuse. any help would be awesome. thx
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    I don't have 2008 prints but do have 2009. If it helps, here you go. A Brown/Gray wire coming out of the 15 amp Battery fuse supplies Direct power to the TSM/TSSM/HFSM module Pin #1.

    From there it then goes to Pin #5 of the Speedo,, Then to Pin #5 of the Tach (if you have one). Also to Terminal A of the optional Siren.

    That's it for the 15 amp Battery fuse. If you have an optional Siren, that would be the 1st place to look. The back up battery is probably shorted.

    You did not say how much of a current draw there was. That would give you a clue as to what is going on.

    Remember, the above applies to a 2009 but most likely is the same as a 2008.

    Good Luck!
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    Get a volt/amp meter, hook it in series with the hot lead off of the battery, in what ever switch postion is draining the battery, start un-hooking things one step at a time till the load drops to "0", then you know what the problem is.

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    Nrbrjb - welcome to the HDTimeline forum. There are some Self Help tips that help you to track down that leakage current. But here is a generic simple schematic to help you to understand and trace things out...


    It will really help to have a schematic. HD Service manual $65 or even a Clymer manual $35 will do the deed here. There are also CDs that can be found online for about $7-$10. All you need is a computer and PDF reader.