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2008 Softail Custom

Ben Dover

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I am considering buying a new '08 Softail Custom and would like some advice as to what type of aftermarket exhaust systems are recommended. I like to have a little more noise that the stock mufflers have. Thanks
Welcome Ben, When I ordered my 07 Heritage Softail Classic with a set of Cobra Longshots and love the sound. The chrome dual pipes from front to back loks great also. What ever you decide, it's still going to be a nice bike. Ride Safe, bb156
Hey there - When I bought my '07 Heritage Softail, I had Vance and Hines Bigshot Longs, a Screaming Eagle Stage 1 Air Kit and Screaming Eagle Racing Tuner put on prior to picking it up. When I first started it I said to the salesman, "I smell tickets." He laughed and said not to worry. I love the sound and performance.
I Got A 2007 Heritage With Bigshot Longs, Stage 1 And The Air Mods. Love It And It Really Woke Up The Bike. Before Doing It I Could Not Use 6th With 2 People On It Unless We Were Going 70. Now We Can Cruise What Ever Speed We Want. And I Actually Think That They Are Not As Loud As It Was When They Were First Installed(or Im So Used To It). If You Ask Me This Is The Only Way To Go!
Best bet is to go to a cruise night for bikes and listen to the different systems on bikes and ask questions. It's a very subjective matter and what I like may not be what you like. It's a never ending subject.
I just picked up a '08 Heritage softail and wasn't happy with the Screaming Eagles. I bought Rhinehart Slipons (rec. by the dealer) and couldn't be happier...nice rumble at idle and very hearty on the throttle.
I got an 07 FXSTC with RUSH slipons?2.25 baffles,sounds great.If you go to you can hear sound bits of these pipes with different sized baffles that may fit your need.I got mine through . Give a shot,see what you think.
Also have the Zrush on my 2008 Softail Custom. Great sound, no need for Dyno, and better performance/gas milage. I have the 2.25 on mine.
I went with the vance and hines big radious but your question is neverending (depends who you talk to , some like two into ones go to a bike night look listen to other bikes than decide , take your time pipes aint cheap
I have 2008 Fatboy with Rinehart 2 into 1. It definitley has a different sound.
jhorton42 on youtube to hear it.