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2008 Road King Siren Installation


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Hello all. I am new to this forum. This is my first Harley and my first accessory installation, so I thought that I would start by sharing my experience. I recently purchased my 2008 Road King Classic. I bought the siren to install to complement the factory installed security. The instructions for the install said to remove the RIGHT saddlebag and right side panel cover. These instructions of course say for 2002 and up HD touring. Well, not true. In 2008 Harley relocated the whole thing to the LEFT side. So, for anyone who does this install.........remove the LEFT saddlebag and LEFT side panel cover. Also, there are NO screws necessary to remove. Just remove the Maxifuse (Harley's easy new way of disconnecting the battery!! No need to remove the seat!! FANTASTIC!!) Then snap the siren module in place..(A little difficult. I thought I was gonna break something, but it snapped in there!) and plug it in. Finito!! Works great!!
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