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2008 Night Rod (Not Special)


Hi, I'm in the process of buying a 2008 Night Rod through a military program. The problem is, when searching for pipes I like, I'm always getting results about the Night Rod Special. But of course I am looking for chrome. Also, does anyone have any experience with Jekill & Hyde. I like the electronic option of loud and courteous. Thanks in advance.
Well from what I know, I am saving about 3000$ with AAFES. Plus its a pre-built, which means anything I pay on it while over here is tax free. I did start research and didn't really come up with anything better, we only have about a month left over here so I was jumping on the AAFES deal before I don't have the chance. But thanks, oh and we all know who the King of Battle is right? (13B) ;)
well I didnt want to post specifics, but my total is 13 with change. I didnt understand the part where you mentioned New HD, where is info that I can get on what you are talking about. Thanks.
Just bought an 08 VRSCD Nightrod myself through the Overseas Military Sales Program, I did save about $1,300 off the MSRP but they tried to tack on some extras such as extended warranty that put the cost over the MSRP. They even charged me $438 for "extras" such as the 5 spoke mag wheels.....which are stock on the Nightrods anyway. I had them drop the extended warranty as USAA would not pay more than the MSRP. All and all I saved a tiny bit of money that was not worth the hassle not to mention thier stock availability was horrible (thats a story in itself). In a way I'm glad they were there in Kuwait as I was not in the market and just was trying to kill some time, I'm happy with my bike and I had forgotten how much fun riding is. Overall I gotta back TOP on this one.

Well from talking to my Mil sales agent and getting the reciept from Opening an account your getting the bike from Factory, so you cut out the Dealer mark up and only get the Military program mark up which goes back to the troops. How you don't save money cutting out the dealer would be beyond me. here is the info they sent me. My only problem is they can't ship to Hawaii since they have exclusive rights with Moco. Hawaii is notorious for things being overpriced on purpose. I still save money shipping the bike out to Hawaii myself.

A NEXCOM/Ship’s Stores sponsored program

Ford, Chrysler, Harley-Davidson/Buell,

What is it?

The Navy AutoSource program allows you to buy any American name brand vehicle directly from the factory at invoice prices. Buying directly from the manufacturer not only saves you money, your vehicle is custom built at the factory to your specifications and then shipped to select locations in all fifty states and overseas.

How does it work?

Your AutoSource representative will help you build and price the vehicle that you want as well as provide you with all the necessary paperwork to complete an application. A complete application and $300 ($500 if vehicle is over $25000.00) deposit are all that are needed to place your order. Your agent will submit your application to a central office for financing approval. ***If for any reason your order is not approved or you wish to cancel your order, the deposit is refunded to you 100%.***
Once the application is approved, your order goes into the factory and is built and shipped to the selected location for pickup. It takes approximately 60 days (in most cases) from the time the order is approved for the vehicle to be delivered. Thirty days prior to pickup, loan documents are sent to you and down payment is due. On the day of delivery you pick up your vehicle and monthly payments will begin shortly after.

What about financing?

Financing is can be provided through the manufacturer. Interest rates are based on prior credit history, length of the loan and down payment. In addition, you can provide your own financing through your personal bank or credit union. Minimum down payment is based on prior credit history and desired monthly payment. ***All financing decisions are provided by the manufacturer when the application is processed at the central office.***

Is it tax free?

All vehicles delivered stateside are subject to the sales tax of the individual state in which it is delivered. Only vehicles delivered to an overseas destination are tax free. (This is the same with vehicles ordered while in the Gulf)

How much can I save?

Savings from buying from a stateside dealership vary from vehicle to vehicle, but average savings are around $2,000-$5,000 versus buying it from a regular dealership, not including the added benefits and guarantees provided free of charge.

Other Benefits

Buying a vehicle through Navy AutoSource not only gives you access to big price savings; it also entitles you to special benefits not available anywhere at stateside dealerships. Listed below are some of the special benefits** that are available to you through this program:
• Lowest Price Guarantee up to 14 days after delivery
• Access to exclusive Harley-Davidson stock
• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee at time of delivery, or your money back
• 100% Rebate protection: The rebate on your order can only stay the same or go up, even if the manufacturer decreases the rebate.
• Delivery all over the world and a guaranteed delivery date
• Full disclosure policy: No hidden costs
• AAFES/NEXCOM audited transactions
• FREE Emergency Payment Plan (when financed through the factory)
**Some restrictions apply; see your agent for complete details

What are the benefits to the ship?

Both MWR and the ship’s store will receive a commission from the sale of your vehicle when you take delivery. This money is then used to provide a better quality of life for you whilst onboard.

What’s the catch?

Like everything, there are some restrictions on the program:
1. Orders can only be taken while underway, deployed or stationed overseas. This program is not available stateside.
2. “Trade-ins” are not accepted but can be sold privately before the new vehicle order proceeds.
3. Most orders take a minimum of 60-90 days to deliver.
My brother was so impressed by my Night-Rod he had to go out and get one. He went to his local dealer (Bumpus Harley in TN) he paid exactly what I paid through Overseas Military sales which was the MSRP he did not have to pay for stock items like I did such as the 5-spoke wheels. Exchange New Car Sales/ Overseas Mil Sales discounted my bike but marked my bike back up to MSRP with "additional items" that I later discovered are stock on the bike anyway so there went the so called discount! Perhaps NEXCOM has a better program but I did not save very much at all. I still love my new bike though!

CW2 Dale Campbell