2008 EG Classic Fairing removal

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Harleyrider2008, Oct 23, 2011.

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    First post guys.....
    I've never taken off a touring bike fairing before.....
    My fairing recently started to shake more than usual...My question is simply.........
    are there any brackets under the fairing that secure the fairing, and if so what parts do I have to remove to take the fairing completely off to repair or replace the bracket(s)
  2. Breeze3at

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    Welcome to the forum Johnny. Outer fairing removal is easy. There are 3 screws in the windshield, and 4 torx head (2 ea side) on the back of the inner fairing. A flashlight makes it easier to see them. Once all of the fasteners are out, wiggle the outer fairing loose and gently maneuver it past the spot lamps. Then reach in and unplug the headlamp, and set the fairing in a safe place. Now you can be impressed by the amount of wires inside. On each side of the radio are the top brackets that usually break. If they are broke, enter "fairing bracket repair" in the search box at the top right of the page, or select self help tips tab at the top left and you fill find several articles about repair/replacement. Post back if you need more info.
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    Breeze has you covered, welcome to the forum Harleyrider2008 (Johnny). I'm certain you will feel right at home here.
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  5. Harleyrider2008

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    Thanks for the info Breeze.....and yes they were both snapped of at the top bolt location. I'm so used to the vibrations that sometimes I pass on a new sensation in the handlebars......You would think after 13 Harley's I would have that one figured out by now eh><><???
    I fixed them both with a little Cajun ingenuity, retired Sheet Metal mechanic here, it was just a matter of adding a stronger 90 degree angle clip to each side. On further inspection I noticed that the two wiring brackets were also broken off in similar positions. I will be replacing them with oem parts tomorrow...
    I do most of my own wrenching but this was a first for me with removing the fairing.....It's almost too simple.
    Again thanks for the valuable info

  6. Breeze3at

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    Most of us are here because we do our own wrenching. It is nice to know there is backup when we approach a new area. Your "cajun" fix sounds like it's right in line with how others have fixed theirs.
  7. Dr. Dolittle

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    Here's a "trick" that I use when removing the outer fairing without a helper:

    1. Remove the 3 windshield screws
    2. Remove the windshield
    3. Replace the center windshield screw
    4. Remove the 4 torx from the inner fairing
    5. Place a towel or blanket on the front fender
    6. Remove the center windshield screw with one hand while steadying the outer fairing with your other hand
    7. Remove the outer fairing and gently place it on the front fender
    8. Squeeze the clip to disconnect the headlight
    9. Place the outer fairing somewhere out of the way

    Step 3 removes all worries about the fairing dropping and getting damaged while you remove the inner torx screws. This allows you to get into a perfect position to steady the fairing as you perform step 6.

    Do everything in reverse when putting it back on. The one center windshield screw holds it in place just fine but also allows a little bit of movement and adjustment as you try to line up the 4 torx screws on the inner fairing.

    Hope this makes sense and helps a bit!
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    Good sequence you got there, Doc. Only thing I would add is to place clean cotton socks over the spot lights..this will prevent any damage should the fairing inadvertently slip...mine has a few times as I wrestle with unplugging the headlight.
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    Straight to the point and perfect explaination, Good Dr. It could not be any easier......:s