2007 xl1200c sportster no start

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by 9senator2011, Oct 15, 2011.

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    Yesterday my 2007 xl1200c sporty tipped. I uprighted it and left it overnight without trying to start it. It would not start the next day. I discovered the BAS
    (Bank Angle Sensor). It is supposed to recycle by turning the switch off and on.
    I have done this, still no crank, will not even turn over. On the speedometer there is a light in the shape of a key that comes on when I turn on the ignition. I have checked all the fuses. Can anyone help? What does the "key light" indicate?
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    Did the odometer say tilt, and when you cycled key did you turn on for a minute then off for a minute and then back on???????
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    I used my right grip on/off switch for about the 2nd time ever, last weekend. When I went to start the bike, the red key light came on, and nothing happened. I finally figured that the "kill" switch was still in off position, switched it on, and all was well again. :24:
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    The "key light" indicates the security system, something may have happened when you tipped your bike. The procedure to reset the tip indicator is to cycle the ignition/headlamp switch ON-Off-ON.
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    Alarms and Security Related Issues - Harley Davidson Community may be an answer in here:s