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2007 VRSCX Limited Edition

I was checking this bike out and it looks amazing. It is going to be a limited edition bike with only 1,400 being made. I wonder if they are all sold out yet? This bike features an awsome 1250cc liquid cooled engine, 5 speed tranny, chrome slash-cut dual exahaust, and one of the most amazing paint jobs you will ever see on a Harley. Check it out and post you comments.
Most places are not receiving the bike until the beginning of 2007. My advice to you would be to check with your local dealer and see if they already sold out of the stock, they are expecting. Harley has intentions of releasing 2000 of these bikes.
I'm assuming your a guy. Dude, your going to love it like I do. This bike is has attitude like me. BAAAAD. Ha-ha! I'm just now learning what this bike is capable of.
I've always wanted a Harley since my old man introduced them to me. I was 12 years old. I also liked the speed of the more exotic type. The V-Rod gives you both in my opinion. I hope your able to get one when the time comes. You will never regret it.
It took a long time to get mine - nearly 5 months, but I'm in upstate NY so I'm sure once it gets past October, we get low priority. But I got it and just in time to be neck deep in snow. So its gonna sit awhile before it gets a workout. But it sounds great, runs smooth. It should be a blast. My dealer said they are all sold out, and they even tried to trade other dealers but the supply is so low no one will give theirs up if they still have one. My other bike is a 2003 dyna that I've chromed up and had repainted. It should be interesting contrasting the two.