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2007 superglide custom mods


can anyone tell me what the best mods are...i guess the best bang for your buck ? Can i change the filter or anything without getting the power commander ? It does have an aftermarket set or mufflers but thats it .
I put on the "stage one" kit. I used the screamin eagle race tuner. (SERT)
opened up the air box, k&n type if air filter, and the screamin eagle slip ons.

I have since changed the pipes and put on a thunder header.

I ride the bike every day....almost.

Also I put on Metzlers. Much better handling tire. I have done some suspension changes.
The only mods I have done are functional. No chrome or looks type of stuff.
I just had it striped. My first non functionl mod, but minimal at best. Too many black Harleys.
Replace that opened up air box with a stage 1 or 2 and you'll see a difference in performance, you already have the rest of the equation. The stock size air filter whether a K&N or the stock paper one is the restriction to air flow here. You need the taller K&N for better breathing.#HD 0800 filter int he stage 1.

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