2007 Sportster exhaust upgrade

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    just got this bike . current set-up is drag pipes (unsure of make) . I put 5" baffles in hopes to quiet them down , it helped a bit . I also installed an upgraded air breather. the baffles seemed to help give the engine more torque . when I got the bike it was straight pipes & stock dirty (EDIT)
    filter , just loud & ran hot.
    What I would like is a nice Harley sound(rumble) , with power . Not the factory too quiet sound .
    Anyway to reuse the header pipes & heat shields since the chrome is in great shape & add some slip ons without going deaf? the forward pipe ends at mid seat. or should I go with a 2 to 1 . trying to save a few bucks for other stuff .
    btw New progressive shocks were money well spent

    thanks for any info

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    Check out the Harley SE slip-ons. Not to loud but do make a better sound then stock. Go to your local shop and see if they have bikes you can hear and see what you like.
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    thanks aherh25 .
    I liked the screaming eagles . At my local dealership i heard a sportster that a mechanic was driving around the lot it had Python slip-ons. He talked them up as well . I really liked to sound & bought a pair , got a good discount . Great fit , larger diameter than the drag pipe slip-ons i had . Look great with the heat shields I already had & I didn't have to spend $600-$700 for a totally new system . For now (?)
    Now to address some fuel mgt , ordered x14ied , to complement my new Pythons & Arness s/s air intake
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    The IED units from Niterider are like a stepping stone to a tuner. They richen the fuel at all levels by tricking the ECM. The lower end of the fuel curve is in need of fuel while the upper end isn't so much in need. Your best bet is a TFI that is adjustable in all areas for adding fuel.

    Many have gotten the IED and later gone to the TFI or other tuners for their adjustability.
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    hello Glider , I agree 100 % . I just needed to stop any potential damage from running so lean . I just got this 07 a month ago with 2900 miles on it . It had straight drag pipes & factory a/c. Needless to say it was running pretty hot , I think it was "parade mode" a lot ?
    I am learning more & more about Harleys daily .
    Harley Service manual on order .