2007 road glide question

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by black02flht, Jun 8, 2010.

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    I hope someone can help.
    I just bought this bike with 14K miles. The bike has trueduals with Rhineharts, sert, and what appears to be a changed out air filter. My question is on what appears to be excessive lifter noise. I have changed all the oil and put amsoil 20/50 in all 3 holes. The excessive lifter noise is between 2000 and 2700 RPM. 2800 and up seems fine. Oil pressure seems good according to the gauge.

    Thanks for any thoughts,

  2. TQuentin1

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    You might pop the pushrod covers loose so you can see if there are adjustable pushrods in there. Kinda doubt it.

    Try gently putting a bit more torque on the exhaust nuts at the heads. You might spray them up pretty good with penetrating oil first.

    If the sound persists, get out a stethoscope, long screwdriver or piece of broom handle or dowel rod and see if you can isolate the noise. If it is definitely lifter noise, then you have a decision to make = is it bad enough to have to replace the lifters with some new "B" lifters? If so, do yourself a favor and buy some adjustable pushrods, cut the old one in half with some bolt cutters and follow the procedure to install and adjust those new ones!

    Good luck.

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    Amsoil 20/50 isn't the best choice in the trans. You need a gear oil in there.
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    Just got finished yesterday changing the oil in an 07 street glide and the dealer in Lexington Ky told me to run the SYN 3 in all three holes. I myself thought that it should have been a thicker oil in the 6 speed tranny but he said that it would be fine in it. It was 20w50. It did seem to shift alright and was quiet yesterday but was just wondering about on down the road after a few miles if everything will still be ok.
  5. Dr. Dolittle

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    Your decision - do you want something in there that's just "fine" or do you want to run the best product available. Go with your initial instincts and put a quality transmission fluid in there!
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    Dave i have noise too 09 ultra 2200-2800 rpms stock motor above & below quiet. your not alone.. im keeping an ear on it.. I run mobile 1 spectro 6 speed in trany..... :s
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    Can you hear more noise on the left side of the bike ? If so the noise that you may be hearing may be coming from the primary not the lifters putting in the SE compensator kit will eliminate most of the noise . I use Mobil 1 v-twin 20-50 in the primary & engine Mobil 1 75-90 gear lube in the tranny . I selected Mobil 1 lubricants because I can get it anywhere .
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    I have the same kind of noise on my 08. Been thinking of doing the adjustable pushrods. Guess should listen closer to it and find just where it is coming from. D-D
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    Do the SE compensator upgrade it will take care of the noise & it is a lot cheaper then fixxing problems that don't exist !!!