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2007 Noisy Transmissions / Primaries


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Many people purchasing the 2007 touring models have found that there is a problem with noises much like a can of marbles when riding in upper gears with lower RPM's. Some say it's lugging the engine but it goes deeper than this with the taller gearing that is in the 07 bikes only making it worse for the rider.
Here's a page to explain the problems and don't forget to explore the other links at the bottom of this page also.

Lots of good info here.

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I suppose I was lucky.,..1400 miles with no issues other than a noisey drivetrain as compared to the Vulcan 1600 I traded on my 2007 FLHTC. Plan to install the IDS after awhile and that should resolve the noise issue. Good luck to all..( I have a buddy with an 07 Sofail Standard..5000 miles with no issues )
I had a Amsoil dealer recommend that I use Amsoil 75/110 Severe Duty Gear Oil in my 2010 RoadKing Classic transmission. Said it would run quieter and cooler. Is this a good idea to use this oil in transmission?
Yes it is, Amsoil has kept my wasted trans on the road with no problems... Yes the trans has problems and have been using it for 140000 plus miles! Just now taking it apart because I don't like pushing my luck I was going to do it before my 8000 mile run across and back last summer but said what the heck, that was 129000 miles ago! Great oil, run it in everything I own...