2007 Night Train Starts Hard

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by NYHarley, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. NYHarley

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    I have a 2007 Night Train, and it is stock compression. The bike bike has always seemed to start hard, almost like is was a high compression motor. I changed the battery not too long ago, and it didn't change anything. I did some searching and found a couple places that sell upgraded battery cables. Would this be a good upgrade? I guess I can relate to a 2ga cable transferring more power to your starter, common sense bigger the cable the better. I have narrowed it down to a guy on ebay selling a 2ga Softail Cable Kit new for 24 bucks? Cheapest I found elsewhere are in the $70 range. Anyone ever buy this guys cables? What should I look for in a batery cable upgrade?
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    The more thin wire copper flexable wires the better. If you take off the stock ones and go to NAPA, they have Belden stuff. You can measure length and match them, they also have different ends to match yours. Might not save anything, but they are very good cables!
  3. glider

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    You can make your own with welding cables which have more copper than the regular battery cables.

    Take a look here...

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    My Dyna always started like it was a high compression engine. I had a local starter rebuild shop make me a custom length negative cable. The cable seems much more flexible than the stock, even though it's thicker. Maybe he used some welding cable like Glider mentioned. It was about $10, I don't know the gauge #, but it was 2X the original thickness. I connected it to a starter mounting bolt instead of at the frame like the original. The difference was very noticeable.
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    Good info here Breeze, this would be a better ground IMO:s
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    Ok, so I went with the guy on ebay. for 24.95 I am getting exact fit replacement 2 gauge cables, both positive and negative. I would have done it myself, but by the time I bought the cable & terminals I was around 20 bucks anyway. Not to mention, I have nothing around the shop to properly crimp a 2 gauge connector. I will post a review of the cables once I get them, should be here tomorrow If anyone wants the sellers info let me know. I talked to him via email, and he can make custom lengths as well as kits for all model Harley's.

    I know its just battery cables, but every time I start my bike I say, " I should fix that ".....