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2007 FXST Floorboards?


Hay all,

Does anyone know of any floor boards they could recommend for 2007 FXST? It looks like the only option I have is the type that bolts onto the foot peg clevis.
If I'm not mistaken, I think the boards from a fatboy will bolt up to the FXST. A good parts guy or service manager who is on the ball should be able to confirm this.
You are spot on Glider, a mate of mine put the Fatboy ones on his with no drama at all. He has a crook ankle and the presure from the footpegs was not real good for it.
Ive also been considering getting floorboards for my 07 fxst but kinda curious aesthetic wise on how it would look like. Anybody have pics of fxst's with FBs on? Ive also seen at Debrix cycles chrome adjustable FB is anybody familiar with these? Whats your take on this aftermarket FB aesthetic and function wise?

thanks in advance for any responses...
Howdy, I know this thread is old, but I just joined today so that I could chip in on this subject for other people who might be searching. Bottom line is that Harley really only makes two different frames for the big twins, so many of the footboard setups will, in fact, work for the '07 FXST (despite what my dealer and parts guys say).

I ordered all of the parts (all genuine H-D) last week and will pick them up this Friday or early next week. I'll follow up with a complete parts list of all brackets, hardware, footboards and any changes that were required. I'll also post a link of my '07 FXST with photos before, during and after the upgrade.

I originally switched from the stock footpegs to "ISO-Wing Mini Boards" from Kuryakyn. They're a huge improvement, but their shortcoming is that they're clevis-mounted, which isn't the best situation. They're very comfortable but will not work near as well as real footboards for the long-distance riding that I'll be doing this year.

See ya next week with details and photos...
Still waiting on a couple of parts, hopefully they'll arrive tomorrow. I'll do my best to finish the job and post by Friday 4/3; if I don't make it by then it'll have to wait until 4/12 when I return from Yosemite. -TC
Still waiting on a couple of parts, hopefully they'll arrive tomorrow. I'll do my best to finish the job and post by Friday 4/3; if I don't make it by then it'll have to wait until 4/12 when I return from Yosemite. -TC

OK, we're back from Yosemite now and starting on the installation. Right now I'm just wasting bandwidth to get my message count up so I can post pics and links.

Hopefully if all goes well I'll have it all online tonight (4/11).

Re: 2007 FXST Floorboards? - details with H-D part #s

Unfortunately, technical difficulties are keeping me from posting my detailed reply with photos, etc. However:

The bottom line is that Agro is 100% correct. All you need to do is replace the standard footpeg mounting brackets with the floorboard mounting brackets from a Fatboy or other FL softail. They bolt right up using the existing three bolts.

For my 2007 FXST Softail Standard, I used the stock Harley mounting brackets from the same year Fatboy:

42431-00 Footboard/Brake Support (=right side mounting bracket)
33630-07 Footboard/Shifter support (=left side mounting bracket)

For the actual floorboards, I used:

50621-06 Footboard Assembly, Operator (x 2)
50674-05 Shoulder bolt (x 4)

The only part that isn't compatible is the brake pedal (it doesn't clear the new bracket). I used an aftermarket extended-reach pedal (Bubba's), but you could also use:

42597-00A Brake Lever
42416-06 Brake Lever Pad

I also elected to switch to a heel-toe shifter. This required:

33668-07 Footlever Assembly, Gear Shift
33895-82C Shifter Lever and Screw Kit (x 2)
34611-64 Shifter Peg

I believe this will work with any of the FX Softails (narrow 21" front wheel and footpegs instead of boards).

Everything bolted right up with no problems other than the brake pedal. The jiffy stand, brake reservoir and even the stock shifter all worked with no modifications (the heel-toe shifter mod is optional).

I am 100% satisfied with this mod. It looks perfectly "normal" since I used H-D parts from the correct year. The boards are in the right place (same positioning as on the FL softails) and work perfectly. I could not be happier with the results, both aesthetically and functionally. And, BTW, all of the parts I purchased were made in the USA (pretty rare nowadays, even for H-D).
Re: 2007 FXST Floorboards? - details with H-D part #s

I just finished this conversion on my '01 after some years of collecting parts. I do note the bike seems to handle a lot more stable. I find this a little confusing because I changed nothing in the chassis or suspension, I can only attribute it to the boards being a more stable platform for my feet. If you look at the convex underside of a steel-shank boot and the convex top of a peg, you basically have point-contact as opposed to surface-contact over the entire bottom of the boot.

But I digress. I used stock black factory FLSTF/FLSTC brackets from eBay [$120], stock factory floorboards ditto [$39], stock take-off heel/toe levers ditto [$15], a new inner shift arm [$24 from JP] and picked up the shoulder bolts at the local dealer for a buck and change each and locknuts from whoever I got them from years ago--they're 1/4-20 and should be available anywhere.

About brakes--on the '01 I was able to reuse the FXST brake pedal, the pad resting position is forward of the board's front edge much like an "extended reach" pedal--which is what I wanted. But then, I'm long-legged--even with 3" extensions on the peg brackets my knees were still bent tighter than 90 degrees--which is why I went to boards to begin with--and why I kept the 3" extension plates. Reusing the FXST pedal allows me to sit my heels on the front edge of the boards to stretch out. I'm not super thrilled about not being able to adjust the resting position of the pedal up or down [a design shortcoming in '00-later], but that's just a matter of reworking the pushrod to incorporate a 2-piece threaded coupling. It helps to have a machine shop. Can't adjust it too far down without notching the underside of the lever though--as it is now at full travel there's bloody little clearance to the front ear on the board bracket. YMMV.

If I had it to do again I'd machine a set of adapter plates to use __-'99 brackets and have full pushrod adjustability...but by the time I thought of that I had already bought the '00-later brackets. Which is typical for me <chuckle>

Still to come is center-drilling the inner shift arm shaft [the part the heel/toe levers clamp onto] and tapping 10-32 for a grease fitting, then cross-drilling the shaft .062" about where the middle of the bushing would be. Why there's no zerk on the shifter side bracket annoys me. YMMV.