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2007 Fxdwg Wide Glide


Has anyone seen this bike? This is the one that I am really thinking about getting. I am not sure how I am going to like it yet since I have only ridden last years model and I was told that there were some changes for this years model. I think that it is a sweet looking bike and seems like it is not too overly expensive. What do you think?

The wide glide is a nice bike. The motor is all new. If you were waiting to buy a new bike, now's the time.

I think the FXD frames are some of the best riding frames out there. Of course the FLT frames are the cream of the crop when it comes to comfort, but the FXD's are nice riding bikes.
I really like this bike. It looks like it would be a comfortable bike and DynaMike is right about now being the time to buy a new bike. I actually considered selling my bike and getting something new because of the huge improvements in the all new motors. I think you have your eye on an excellent choice.
I have an older Wide Glide and I love it. I was also considering selling my bike to get one of these new models. I think I may head down to the dealership in a week or so and test drive one and see if it is all that it is cracked up to be and then decide if I am going to get rid of my baby.
My testdrive of this was pretty good, I would probably resnt it for a few days if I was concidering to buy it.I was trying to get a fell and all of the newer models.Mine is about ready to trade in but want to keep shoping around.Trying to decide what couple to rent and try is a lot harder than I thought. I like the old style better.
I really like the look of that bike. I would honestly require a test drive though before I'd be willing to put my money down on it. I figure that looks aren't everything. If the bike doesn't handle and drive well then it really isn't worth it to me.
same bike as the '06s, except for the slightly bigger engine. the later WGs are great. not for long touring trips, although i have done so on my '06 (you'll be much more comfortable at the end of the day on a touring bike), but WG are on the typical short hops. use mine as a daily driver and wouldn't change.
if you're thinking about getting a new one, better do it quick. Rumor has it that '07 will be the last year for the WG. HD is supposedly coming out with a Dyna Rocker, but who knows what it is. course, won't be long as the '08s are due out shortly.
I love mine . Got that Harley shake at idle.Smooth out at speed.Got some what of old school look.

hi! love mine, got her in for 1000 mi. chk now,only thing is factory muffs are pretty mellow .got vance& hines slip ons sitting in the living room waiting to go on, wanted big radius but now i can put pegs and wide tire kit on! listned to the slip ons on a new sporty and they have some nice sound.finish off stage one for christmas present???(santa did you catch thaT)? LOL GOOD LUCK ON YOUR PURCHASE!