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2007 Flstsc Springer Classic


This is another one of the bikes that I am looking at getting. I am not sure if I really like this one or not especially for the price tag of almost 18K. What do you all think of the bike? Has anyone ridden one before?

This bike reminds me too much of and Indian Cheif. I wouldn't have one.

That being said, there are some people that love the Springers. They swear by them. When Harley quit making springers a few years ago, they were prety upset.

Personally, I don't care for them.
This is the type of bike that my aunt has and I will tell you that it is very uncomfortable on long rides. If we go on a long ride my aunt and I will switch bikes so that she can give her back a rest. I think that if you are young and flexible you might like it otherwise I would look for something a little bit more comfy!
One of the guys that I ride with had one of these and he sold it to get something more comfortable last year. Well he went to the dealership and came home with some big touring model that rides like a beauty. I would say if you can afford this bike you can afford something that would ride better, look around!
Different People like different things about Bikes. Thats why they offer so many versions. Personally I do not care for the Springer Models, but I know some who love them. What I would suggest is that you check to see where a major bike event is happening near you and go there. All the Majot Players in the industry will be there offering demo rides. I was able to to this a Daytona's Biketoberfest. This made me to realise that while I like some of the things about the new Fat Boy, the new wider seat did not fit me well at all. The Heritage Classic did, like it was made just for me.

So my advice is to try out riding each model that you are interested in before you buy. Most H-D Dealers offer Rental Bikes. Take out a model for a day and ride it if there are no demo rides near you. That way you know what your getting.

Ride Safe.
I am also interested in buying this bike... thanks for the info. Keep it coming
Have you heard of the Hot set- up kit for the 96?
For you future Harley-Davidson bike purhaser's,be advised.I just recently purchased a new 2007 FLSTC Heritage Softail and in my owners manual it shows that the close brother to this bike ( aka...Springer model) has a lot more scheduled maintainance requirements to have to follow than the Heritage Softail FLSTC( almost 2-1).I don't know about where you live, but in Delaware, each time my new bike has to go into the shop for scheduled maintainance, the bill usually starts around $200.00 -$300.00.I think for the differance in money, you'd be a lot happier and more comfortable on the FLSTC.In my opinion, the Springer is mainly for those interested in the "ol" Harley Nostalgic look. With the FLSTC,you get the look "and" the ride and handling.......without all the extra visits to the shop! Just my opinion.To each their own. I will say that I have a few friends that do have the Springer and they say they are constantly having to have that front end worked on and tuned. Good luck on your selections. Let us know what ya ended up with. Take it easy,Hi-Tek Rednek