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2007 flstc louder without doing Stage one?


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I just got my dream bike, a 2007 Heritage FLSTC, and I love it. But of course its not loud enough. Does anybody know how I can get the true Harley sound without doing the whole stage one thing? Are there baffles that can be removed and if so, do I have the get the EFI re-mapped. Thanks.
Ever since I got my FLSTC, I constantly find myself compareing the 07 with other machines
On handling I can scoot that big bike around some corners without dragging metal,
in fact I am amazed at how well the big machine handles on curves.
ON muffler sound Three gypsy Jokers stopped by my work and there machines were not that great on sound compared to the stock FLSTC, and each machine had different types of mufflers, one was loud but it didn,t sound good to me.. The other day I listened to a glide take off down the road and it didn,t sound as good as the FLSTC . The FLSTC is not real loud but it rumbles down the road turning heads. And when you lay into it you'll diffenetly get noticed. Personnally The sound and loudness is not a problem for me.
This summer I am going to pick up a 02 or 03 Indian scout and if she dose not sound the way I want I will get some good sounding pipes for her
Talk to every one later
I bought a 2008 FXSTC and had the same feelings as you ...looks great...runs great...handles great....but, where's that Harley Sound ?

I finally put on a set of Rush 2" slip ons and had the adjustments made by my dealer. Now, I'm a happy boy.

Not so loud as to bother anyone, but certainly a pleasure to listen to as you ride.
the stock pipes do not have removable baffles. If you're looking for better sound, your cheapest option is to install a set of aftermarket slip ons. i've heard that people have been doing this on the 07's and newer without any other changes - apparently the ECM can handle the swap without trouble, and the bike runs fine.

However, if you're going to the trouble, it makes more sense to do the stage one - upgrading the mufflers without upgrading the air cleaner and EFI map will make your sound better but will not increase power by much. When you do the air cleaner, mufflers, and remap, you will end up with an engine that runs more efficiently and has more power, and of course sounds great.

oh yeah, I forgot to mention - I bought my first H-D, a sportster, used but stock, and rode it for about 4 days before the dealer had time to do the stage 1 (this was before I knew anything - now I'd have installed it myself) Anyways, after the stage 1 there was an obvious increase in power in addition to the awesome sound - guaranteed to affix a big smile on your face at least until you go to bed that night, probably longer!
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Doing the upgrades mentioned above you can usually expect about 10-12 HP and more TQ on a twin cam engine.
Arlen Ness Big Sucker stage 1 $140

Cycle Shack 2 1/2 OD Slip ons (very loud) $189

Labor 1-1/2 Hours $about $100

The whole thing can be done for $400-ish
Paulb: If you're chasing the sound of an old Shovelhead you will never hear it on your 07. These newer engines have a totally different sound. Your best bet is to hang around a local bike night and listen to different exhaust set ups to see what sounds the best to your liking.
I install myself S&S slip ons on my 08 FLSTC, very easy to put on, they sound great, and look almost like the stock ones. Took it for a ride and I will not have to re map or put a fuel pack on it. plus, it a little more powerfull, I'm very satisfy with them.
My 08 Softail has Screaming Eagle slip-ons with Big City Thunder Baffles; not as load as straight drags but has a decent rumble to it.