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2007 Deuce Exhaust


Im importing a 2007 Deuce from Florida to the UK and it has a 2 into 1 Exhaust on it, I know it will be too loud for the UK inspection test (SVA Test) will a complete exhaust from a earlier Deuce fit it as I have heard the 2007 needs a temperature sensor on it some where, I spoke to the Guy in the shop where I am getting it from and he said when they fit exhausts on new bikes at the dealers they just throw the old ones in the dumpster, a complete exhaust for the 2007 Deuce here in the UK is about £1000 !!! expensive just to get it threw the test !!:devil

The 07 has the 02 sensors on it but the problem as far as you are concerned is that the 07 is a 96 engine and the earlier ones were and 88/95 depending on the model. The pipes are different and you would need an exhaust from an 07 to fit it.
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OK thanks Glider, the Deuce has 2 into 1 Vance & Hines on it, I wonder if it has the o2 sensors ?? do you know if you can put baffles in them, maybe someone will find a set of 2007 pipes for it or I will find some on ebay, Thanks Bucket.
I see a lot of stock pipes on ebay for cheap cheap cheap. usally 20 to 40 bucks shouldn't be too hard to find.
Thanks Wildspirit, I have been looking on ebay and your right there are loads on there but no 2007 exhausts, if you see one let me know, thanks for the reply,
Thanks Glider,
I looked on there site and it shows the 2 into 1 that's on the bike fitted to a 2006 Deuce so I doubt if they have the 2 CO2 censors fitted, can they just be disconnected or do they have to be there for the emissions tests ect ect, hope someone finds a set of 2007 stock exhausts, bet there's loads of guys that come on here with 07 Deuce's and have changed them and just put the stock ones in the back of there garage, thanks,
The 02 bungs are just for the sensors. I don't believe they would use them in any way over there for emissions testing. Usually it's a wand in the tailpipe that is used for the test.

There are plugs that can be used if the 02 sensor is removed and not reinstalled.

The 06 dyna's were the only ones with the 02 sensors. The deuce was started in 07.
Hi Bucket,
I don't know if they will fit but I have a full stock system of a 2007 FatBoy that you can borrow to get it through the SVA test.
I don't want to sell it as I might need it to get the FatBoy through a MOT in later life. I live about 50 miles away just outside Newbury
Oh ok, thanks for that, I didn't know whether the sensors were part of the injection system, and your right they would put a wand up the back, a friend has a 2006 softail standard and has the stock exhaust for it so if I could find the front pipes for the 2007 would they fit the 2006 mufflers ??