2006 sportster 1200 custom won't crank or display diagnostics

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by AlabamaSlammers, Jun 5, 2013.

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    Working on my buddies 2006 Sportster 1200 custom (carb). Last few rides it cut out on him a couple of times. We stopped and looked for loose electrical connections and couldn't find any. Ran fine for about 2 weeks without incident until he went to start it for the ride home from work. Would not crank at all. I got it home and started trouble shooting.
    1) Battery fully charged and tight connections
    2) All fuses ok without visible corrosion
    3) All electrical connections clean
    4) Ignition switch output checked on acc and run. Correct voltage output at each position
    5) Can't run diagnostics as the display does not show up when put in that mode
    6) Can see a very brief flash of diagnostic display when turning ignition switch from accessory to run.
    7) Head light does not come on at all
    8) Check engine light does not come on
    9) Turn signals do light up along with oil and neutral light while ignition switch in accessory position.

    At 1st I was suspecting the ignition switch until I checked its output. Now I'm suspection the ECM itself. Any ideas?
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    Were you checking fuses with a test light,Volt meter, or just visual? I don't have a manual for an '06 but do for an '05 XL. The first place power from the light fuse goes is the connector for front turn and head lamp. Also ties to the left handle bar switch.It is a blue wire, provides power to the front running lights side of the blinkers. The switch, on handle bar, provides power to the Hi/Low beam. Is the head light out on both Hi & Lo beam?
    As far as no cranking I'd look at the run/kill switch for power.It supplies power to the Start button. If that's ok, look for power on the starter solenoid,small green wire, with start button pushed. Get back with what you find. Hopple is the electrical guru.He will probably be here later.
  3. Hoople

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    Factory fuses have have a test point on each side. With fuses installed, check both the "Battery" fuse & "Accessory" fuse on each side using a volt meter.

    As Tourbox asked, are both High & Low beam of headlight not working. If both do not work, get the headlight working first. Power for the headlight feeds several other branches.

    Battery fuse powers TSSM which enables starter.
    First get headlight working. Here are a couple of schematics.

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    After cycling the ignition what is the voltage at the battery?
  5. RibEye

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    If no indication of power anywhere, I would suspect main circuit-breaker, if this model has one.

    Good luck,
    Rich P
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