2006 road king wont crank

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by tcoble, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. tcoble

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    Didnt make it home in time a couple of months ago and got caught in a hail storm. beat the bike up pretty good. Busted the speedo to pieces along with lots of sheet metal damage. got all of the parts and replace everything. now that everything is back together the bike wont start. everything works except the start. I cannot hear the feul pump like i used too. i have checked the wiring all the way back to the starter relay. The alarm light in the speedo was staying on after the damage. could the alarm be keeping it from getting power to start? any ideas will be helpful. thanks
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    Welcome to The Forum Alarms and Security Related Issues | Archive | HDTimeline.Com Have a look starting here and report back for more help Good Luck
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    Wow! Talk about an adventure. I know getting hit by rain stings..can't imagine riding through a hail storm. I'm thinking you pulled over somewhere but, either way, not many guys can claim to have ridden in a hail storm. Sorryh about your damage, the guys on this forum will have you fixed up though. Welcome aboard!!