2006 Road Glide -Few Pics of My BIKE -

Ok here goes. I was told how to post and it worked for me but for the life of me i cannot find the post that showed me how to do it. (if anyone can advise how to look up all of your past post regardles if you were the one to start the thread or not let me know.
1. Log on and up in the top under ther HDTALKING you will see GALLERY. Click on GALLERY.
2.Next click on "upload photos". For me this was a little hard to find because it is in small print. Find it and click on it.
3.Decide where you would like to upload it to. Iether creat an album or upload to any of the catagory listed.
4.Once you have downloaded photo, click on it. It will open and below the pic will be a bunch of options. Eg: "Photo Details", "Share this photo" etc....Scroll down to "BB code copy code below to show image in forum".
Click on http://......
it will be highlighted in blue.
On your keyboard click on CTRL^C.
Now go to where you would like to show image whether it is a new thread that you start to show pics off of your bike or just to get started reply to this post.
In the text box, on your keyboard press CTRL^V. You should now see all of the info that you copied from the image gallery.
Preview your post and make sure that it worked before you submit it.
I hope that i didnt leave anything out. Good Luck, welcome to the forum. Look forward to viewing your photos.
I had to do each step to make sure that what i told you worked. Looks like it does.
THe above pic is of my wife and my Mistress.
We took a ride to Sedona AZ.
If any of you can ever make that trip either in the Spring or Fall. Do it!! Great ride ! :D

Road Glide and Son at the Queen Mary in Long Beach Ca.