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2006 FXSTSI Front End Wobble


I have developed a slight wobble on the Springer front end, when deaccelerating between 40 MPH & 30 MPH.

I was looking around for the torque specifications on the yolk and spring assemblies and anything else on the general maintenance requirements, but couldn't find anything.

Also, Clymer hasn't published anything yet on my scooter, so I was wondering if anyone might know the spec's.
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Can't help you out with the specs but check the neck bearings. They seat in as the miles increase and you may be picking up some play there too.

If I could make a recommendation about the clymer manual, the HD factory manual is a better book with better pics and explanations than the clymer book. JMHO.
I strongly agree about the HD Manual. I always go with the manufacturers manual, Since they are the ones who built the bike.
Well, I ended up taking it back to the dealer and they did tighten it up. As a matter of fact, they over-tightened it. Now, when I'm going slow it won't track straight; but I suppose it will loosen up after time.

I guess this is the reason I like to do my own work. It usually takes a couple of "cracks" to get adjustments like this just right. Make an adjustment ..... take a road test ..... bring it back and make another adjustment, etc.

I go through the same thing on clutch and throttle adjustments every time I bring the bike into the dealer. They adjust the clutch right off the top and I like it somewhere in the middle or the throttle with a ton of play and I like it tight.

I don't seem to have as much problem with the dealer adjusments on my 2006 FLHTCI; but my Springer ..... forget it!

Thanks for the recommendation on the HD manual. I'd rather get the torque spec's on the front end and do it myself.
May be a good idea to re check the torque on the front end, too tight is not a good thing either.