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2006 FXSTBI Nightrain pipes?

I have a 2006 FXSTBI and when I return from my deployment from Iraq, I want to replace the stock pipes. Anyone have any suggestions for me? I am real new at upgrading bikes, and or changing parts so I am not sure what to look for. I would like to go with Screaming Eagles straight shots. Do I have to change the air filter as well? I thank you all in advance for any help you may offer. Take care, and ride safe.
There are several manufactors of Pipes that will fit your machine. Screaming Eagle (HD), Vance & Hines, Sampson, Cobra, and probably at least 1/2 dozen more. You could start by looking at the HD website, then look at JP Cycles (they carry lots of brands) and/or the manufactors site(s).

Usually when you change to a more open flow exhaust, you will also want to upgrade your air intake as well. Also I am assuming that being a 2006, your bike is Electronic Fuel Injection. You will most likely need to have the ECU reprogrammed to insure the Fuel-Air Mixure is not to lean and set correctly for your new Air Cleaner-Pipes set up. Doing so will not only make your bike run better, it will keep you from burning out a piston from running to lean.

You HD Dealer or any Qualified Trained Shop can help you with selection of Air Cleaner - Pipes that will give you the look and performance you are seeking.

Hope this helps....... And Thank you for what you are doing. Come Home Safe.

Thank you very much for your help. Your information will go a long way for me to get my ride to where i want it. As I said I am new to doing upgrades and feel a little overwhelmed at all the options that are available to me. Thanks again and I look forward to any futher support you or any one has to offer. Keep the rubber side down and God Bless.
Your Welcome. Thats why I enjoy this site. There are so many people with different levels of experience that we all can learn from.

Again, thanks for being there and come home safe.

Hey man, this has nothing to do with bikes but as a retired Marine Master Sergeant and being in the first Gulf War, just want to say "Thanks for all you guys are doing over there." Be safe and return to ride with us again. God Bless.
You are welcome. I am humbled at all thanks I receive for being here. Thank you to all of you that support us and welcome us home when we return. God Bless you all.