2006 FLHT Diagnostic Code

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    Hey everyone first time user here, anyway I just picked up a used 06 FLHT with 3,000 miles obviously the original owner just liked to look at it rather then riding it. This is my problem. the bike is indicating a trouble code PO 263 Rear injector low Voltage/Open. At mid throttle, the engine appears to drop a cylinder all through the rest of the throttle range, but when released the cylinder come back to life. I performed the following checks, Checked the wiring at the injectors for breaks-check good, disassembled rear injector plug, replaced pins and plug, no change. checked injectors Ohm' s-checked OK. tested with Nano Lights at injector plugs, checked good, both F&R. replaced injectors-no change, replaced system relay-no change. checked wiring from injectors to ECM wiggle test with ohm meter, no change, inspected wiring harness through wiring trough to ECM no visible issues. noted that prior to going through all this, I found the battery cables corroded, cleaned them and performed voltage drop from the cables to the starter and the engine ground, No issues. also checked the engine and dirty ground at the center of the frame, clean and tight. Im pulling my hair out at this point, running out of hair!