2006 1200c Oil Sumping

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    I have a 2006 Sportster 1200c that after running about 10 minutes oil will pour out of the Air Cleaner. I shut it off and checked the oil level and it was low. I let it set for a few about 5 minutes. and started it back up and I could see oil returning into the oil Tank. I shut it off and you could see it draining back into the engine. I took the Oil Filter off and checked the Check Ball in the Filter housing and it wasn't stuck but was shocked to see it is Plastic. Called the local Dealer and was told it is Obsolete. Oil PSI is normal and with it returning back into the Tank the Return Gears should be ok. I did notice that when I took the Dipstick off it seemed not to do it so bad. Any advice would be Appreciated.
  2. Jeff Klarich

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    It sounds like you're building up to much pressure in the crankcase. Pulling the dipstick would help relieve pressure build up. Have you done any mods/work on your scoot lately?
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    I repaired the return fitting on the oil Tank and after install blew thru it and all the lines going to the oil Tank and all was well. I looked at the Schematic of the Oil Pump and didn't see any Keyways so I'm starting to wonder if the Gears may start slipping when it warms up ????
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    Quote: I shut it off and you could see it draining back into the engine.
    How did you determine or see it draining back into the engine? Could you possibly have an oil filter for a Twin Cam motor. They are 5 micron filter versus a 10 micron for Evo's and Shovels. That could cause too much back pressure form what I understand IIRC.