2006 1200 will not idle

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    Good afternoon Today when I started my bike it would not idle at all but when I pulled the choke out it would stay running but real bad . I held the throttle open and pushed the choke in as I would bring the throttle up I would have a crackling sound from the exhaust. I rejetted the carburator 3 years ago and installed a stage one air filter on her and vance and hines exhaust . As of yesturday the bike has been running great . And I also pulled the plugs they are a brown chocolate color any help would be apreciated

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    Has the bike SET for a long time?

    Running good until this?

    The choke(not a choke, even though some Knobs say choke) is an Enricher to allow more gas to get into the motor,,,, Does Not stop or adjust air flow, So No Choke(just so you know)

    If BAD gas,,, Think the last fill-up?? did it start Right after that?

    Could be a intake leak... Check in many different ways,,, one=spray around the intake gasket to motor with WD or carb cleaner and listen for a change in the running... IF leaking there, it will pull IN the checking fluid and speed up the engine.... That shows a manifold leak...

    Another thing that happened to Me once, : the carb backed OUT of the rubber carb intake gasket where Nothing holds it in place but the gasket. Causing a big intake leak around the carb. check there also.

    IF the carb is dirty, Like the float needle has a stoppage in it, that is a common cause like you are describing.

    IF you take the carb Bowl OFF,,, replace the phillips headed screws with some form your local hardware store,,, going to a 5/8 long allen headed ones... Much easier to get carb bowl apart and together while carb is ON THE BIKE

    Try a few of these and get back to us here please..

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    I think Bubbie has covered most of the possible things to look for on initial checks
    Let us know how you get on and what you find if there are further problems we will have more solutions
    float bowl screws are metric size m4 x 12mm

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    Thank you and Iwill let you know what I find


    And thank you I am definatley going to change the screws on the carb I will let you guys know thanks
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    Good afternoon guys sorry for the delay have been busy and just fix the bike today! well I pulled the carb off And took it apart I started to inspect it and check the pilot and main jet and found that the main jet had some debri stuck in it. I had to use compressed air to remove it so since it was apart I cleaned and checked the float inspected the float needle and made sure all fuel passages were clear! . And yes I did replace all screws with allen head SS screws and washers on the whole carb thank you for the suggestion in the long run it will save alot of problems in the future THANKS
    OH and yes it runs great thank you again John
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    Good deal...sometimes I miss those old days of owning a carb bike. Remember many times sitting at workbench w/parts sprawled out like a puzzle...hoping to not have any leftover pieces.