2005 Softail Deluxe Headlight and Hand Controls

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    Thank you everybody for all the information that I've received in the past. I had an accident in the beginning of January but i'm about to get back on the saddle and I was looking for 2 different upgrades.

    1) - I'm looking to upgrade the front headlights/passing lights to LED because of the look - I don't like to ride at night, but I want to increase the visibility as much as possible. Kuryakyn makes a 4.5 in passing lamp that is a direct replacement for the passing lamps, but I don't see the matching 7in. headlight. Has anybody upgraded their headlight to LED and if so - what model have you used.

    The link to the passing lamp is:
    Truck Lite Phase 6 4 1/2 in. L.E.D. Passing Lamp Harley Motorcycle - Dennis Kirk, Inc

    2) Hand controls - I have been waiting for a particular model to come into stock at dennis kirk, but it's been forever and i'm thinking they may discontinue or no longer carry the model. I chose the following model because I like the smooth chrome:
    Custom Chrome Chrome Smooth Contour Control Kits with TUV Harley-Davidson Motorcycle - Dennis Kirk, Inc

    The following model is in stock but I hate the black bubble on the master cylinder cover.
    V-Factor 9/16 in. Handlebar Control Kit Harley-Davidson Motorcycle - Dennis Kirk, Inc

    I'm curious to know if anybody had any experience with either model and if they would recommend or regret the purchase of either. Is it worth waiting for the Custom Chrome brand or should I go with the V-factor?

    Thank you for any information you could provide - I appreciate the feedback