2004 Sportster 1200C with 2-1 pipe

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    I have a 2004 Sportster 1200 Custom this is my Dyno Run along with my mods:

    I went to RPM in Yuba City (Billy Rohm)

    Samson Powerflow III 2-1 w/ dB Killer baffle (aprox 84 dB @ idle) C2-331 | Powerflow III / 2 into 1 Collector | 2 into 1 | Exhaust | SamsonUsa

    Daytona Twin Tec TC88A Ignition with a Custom map

    CV- Performance Kit.
    Harley Tuners Kit

    SE A/C with a K&N E-3040

    Here is the bike running:
    Samson 2-1 Powerflow III SPORTSTER 1200 - YouTube

    Here is the bike running on the Dyno:
    2004 XL1200c dyno run - YouTube

    I made 65HP and 73FT TQ This thing pull HARD and smooth and also does does not hurt your ears its very quiet.

    Here is Billy Hooking up my bike to the Dyno!



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    I bet that runs good