2004 Softtail

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Wildeuce, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. Wildeuce

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    I have multiple questions regarding my Custom Deuce. One of the issues is that it's very top heavy. I know the fact that the forks are slightly kicked out and that I have a 21" front tire along with Cafe style handlebars, adds to the difficulty in turning, however, my mechanic and every other person who has ever ridden my bike or even moved it in a parking lot has remarked about how difficult is it to turn.... Has anyone out there had this kind of of problem and if so what types of corrective action helped. (I'm a 115lb woman - 5'4" tall and ride quite hard other than 10mph turns) Thanks Marci
  2. dbmg

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    What is tire pressure? Has steering fall away been check for proper adjustment? And possibly removing drag bars to OE bars for better leverage.
  3. gator508

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    Possible steering neck problems, not greased, over-torqued, maybe have your mechanic check it out. Good luck!
  4. glider

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    The Deuce because of the front end design and rake feels much heavier than it actually is but surprisingly isn't a light bike at all as compared to others. That's the one thing I didn't care for about the Deuce I had. It feels as if you had to muscle it through the turns as compared to the 07 Road king I had after it which handled much better.
  5. Joyflyin

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    I can say that there doesn't seem to be much difference in the weight of my deuce and road king. The deuce is a harder bike to handle in the turns. As Glider mentioned, the raked front end with the 21" front wheel really makes it a handful. I will say that I finally learned to ride that bike about 3 years ago, (I got it in 2006) and I discovered that 3rd gear worked out really well for me in the turns.

    My husband runs that bike like it's a scolded dog, he doesn't complain about the handling, he says it is like going from his truck to driving my mustang when I had it. It was a sports car of motorcycles, made to go fast. I didn't push it, I rode it like a grandma and he would occasionally get on it and blow the cob webs out of it. :)

    I'm 5'7", but have long arms and a 32" inseam, so the bike fit me well, but the deuce was my first 'heavy' bike and I still have a lot of respect for that bike and my overall inexperience.

    I would say I didn't get fully comfortable on that bike until my 3rd season of riding & then it was like bliss. :s Hang in there and be patient. I think you will learn to love that deuce.