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2004 Hertitage Softail Classic ground clearance issues....


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Anyone out there have a suggestion for raising the ground clearance on a 2004 Heritage Softail Classic. I have Vance & Hines Long Shots exhaust pipes and Progressive Air Tail Air Compressor and Shocks. Even with the air pumped fully and no one on the bike I have just a hair over 4" of clearance from the ground to frame.
When the wife and I turn right it is a scary situation (my round pipes are grinding to a razor sharp edge at the base), almost have to take a right a slow speeds and no leaning....
Called progressive suspension to see if there is anything to raise the bike more. They just said mail in the unit and they will inspect.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Your can get replacement shock extensions that are shorter, thereby raising the bike. Also your pips should have a slotted bracket that can be nudged a little higher for more clearance. I had to raise my pipes a tad as they drug when I thought they should not have. Hope it helps.:bigsmiley28:
unfortunatly softtails are manufactured to look like rigids but with more eiding comfort. This creates a low sleek looking bike and is why a lot of folks like them including me. The problem occurs when you put long twin pipes on them. Unlike a rigid that has no give or compression in the rear end softies do. I had a set of Sampsons on mine and never found a way to keep from looking like the fourth of july on right hand corners. I eventually went to a drag pipe setup so the rear pipe was higher. here's a pic of it with the long twins that I ground down making for some spectacular night fireworks :D.

Yeah I noticed that. I've only posted a few times and the forum won't let upload till I post 4 or 5 times. I'll then post a picture.
I put on a Rinehart exhaust... short staggered... no ground clearance problem on my 04 Heritage...and they have a nice sound that many have commented about...will post pics when wifey gets around to taking them...
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:dknow:dknowi have a 06" deluxe with vance&hines long shots staggered, I have less than a four inch ground clearance on a right hand turn my floorboard brackets are the first think to scrape. You said you had ploblems with the air shocks???? What is your ground clearance when you are riding 2up?